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Your website deserves to have a good graphic design in order to stand out among the thousands of websites of the same field as yours.

Studio Grfx has an extensive experience in graphic design and have had trainings to be updated on the current best trends in marketing websites using effective graphic designs. In order for your company to be successful, it should begin with stabilizing websites and have good graphic design portfolio. Our online portfolio is available for viewing, click below to view our portfolio.

A professional company logo design should be unique that should stand out in the market and can be recognize easily by your target audience. Avoiding overused icons, visual and generic design is a great way to do this. Adding credibility to the design can help to make the brand identity look unique. Flexibility of design is important as well, logo should be fit well on a website and can impress potential clients. It should be optimized and well presented to avoid blurry images or sizing issues. Effective logo designs always rely on simplicity that work well with color and text that can easily recognized by audiences. Logo design should be educational and informative that will help audiences to understand what you convey, company culture and what  your company does for your clients. Furthermore, the most important and best logo design is it should last for years to come, timeless and not just trendy in the short term. 
A business card is the first impression from your business. You will not believe that a small business card can really make a huge impact on your organization that you represent. Your business card design, the quality of materials that was used lets your potential client know that your company or organization pays attention to all details even the smallest details.

With StudioGrfx business card design, you will let your business card speak for itself! You can create a memorable first impression with business card that reflects a true professionalism of your company. We can also assist you with a complete corporate identity packages for your company.

Flyer is one of the common mediums for the promotion of club gatherings, events, deals – virtually almost anything for personal and company use. It is a simple yet powerful way to deliver your message to your target audience. Posters can make a big impact with eye catching creative design to get your message to a large audience and it will serve you best. It will allow your message to stand out in a crowd and catch attention from your potential customers. You can use large stunning image, a quote with graphic designs, or combined with smaller images. Posters can give you more room to provide information to your audience and it can be an effective tool for promoting a seminar, company promotions etc., but be careful with design, layout and fonts to use because it can make a huge difference to your audiences.

Design is about yielding an emotional connection to the visual itself. Quality design should relate to a human response in your target audience. It should help them to think, to feel, to learn about a certain topic. Intensive design planning is important, the designer should put more time on planning the design concept. Simplicity is important as well you don’t want cluttered design as it may confuse, disorient and disconnect your print design concept to your audience. Simple layout with concise messaging is highly effective to catch the viewer’s eyes. Font or typeface should relate to any graphics that will present the whole design concept. Always avoid placing text over busy images as it can make the text illegible for readers whether it is business card design, packaging design, letterhead design, logo design etc.

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