The Importance of Responsive Website

Why is it important? Tablet and SmartPhones changed the user experience and the approach towards the design of the webpage. After the rise of the mobile device with advance web browsing, designers had only one challenge to deal with, it is to keep the same feel or look of their webpage in any computer browsers and gadgets.

On the other hand, interacting with websites on a tablets and smartphones are not the same as you browse on the desktop computers. There are a lot of factors to think such as Screen-size, Click versus the touch screen, the support of Adobe’s Flash technology, Pixel-resolution and many more have become very important while creating the website with responsive design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

RWD (Responsive Web Design) is coding and an approach of laying out a website. Websites should provide an optimal viewing experience which mean that ease of reading, navigation with a minimum of panning, scrolling and resizing from desktop computer monitor to a mobile device. The designer should create a Responsive design that ensure the website’s navigation element, text, audio or video player, screen-layout and other UI elements that readjust on a variety of device by themselves. Having understood on what is RWD will let us understand why Responsive Design is important while creating it.



The opinion of making a responsive website is expensive but the fact is, although the cost to make a responsive website is amount more than making a standard or common website, but the expenses to double a website for tablets and smartphone device gets completely eliminated. As an outcome, that cuts total development costs. It also cut total ownership cost in making a responsive design. It means of taking way the effort to maintain different version of mobile and desktop version and investing in a RWD is a good decision.

The internet traffic is originated from tablets and smartphones is rising rapidly each day. As any people get used to browsing the web through their mobile device, it is venturesome to the website publisher to ignore responsive web design. Soon One Site Fits All Devices will be approach to the norm.

Some denies or doubts the possibility of knowledge in some area to device and their OS with responsive website design. A RWD ensures that users get the best and consistent experience of a website on any device of the user’s choice and preference. As a result website owners and content publishers need to apply the option to build versions of their website for every popular device platform which they expect their audience might be using.

It is smarter to adopt the RWD approach rather than compartmentalizing website content into dissimilar content like mobile and tablets experiences. If your goals for your device content offering are limited in scope than its desktop equivalent. Today, digital content is meant to be viewed on a spectrum of different experiences and RWD offers the way forward.

Google Penalized Non-Mobile Friendly Websites


A few weeks ago Google penalized those website which are not mobile friendly and this changes will affect mobile searches in all over the country and worldwide. It will have a significant impact in our search results so if your website is not mobile-friendly, meaning your site is not responsive or properly configured to different screen size and not able to view in different mobile device or tablets. The reason for this is that because today more people are dependent to their gadgets and mobile devices.

Consider the fact that most people use their phones within arms’ reach these days. And have a potential costumer with a mobile friendly website. Don’t you want that your website is the first site they see when they wake up? People nowadays is always in a rush, they rather use their mobile device than to use a desktop computer.

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